We do R&D for AI-aware enterprises, non-profits and individuals

Data analysis and visualization

Python programming. Data preparation. Feature engineering. Data distribution and correlation analysis. Time-series analysis. Attractive visual representation of model features.

Prediction model development

Classification and regression prediction models with Python. Time-series prediction. Hyper-parameters optimization. Traditional and deep learning algorithms and architectures.

Text analysis

Natural Language Processing (NLP) analyses and pipeline. Supervised and unsupervised text classification. Topic segmentation. Sentiment analysis. Text mining.

Biomedical image analysis

Object detection in x-ray, CT and microscopic images (YOLO, Faster RCNN architectures). Medical image classification. Image pre-processing: filtering and normalization.

What we do

Helping radiologists and lab technicians in triage and reporting

We do medical image analysis. We use top AI tools for medical image classification and object detection

By using top-of-the-shelf computer vision AI models, we can detect and classify objects of your interest on medical images (X-Ray, CT or MRI scans, ultrasound, microscopic) with high accuracy and precision.

Our AI can look into your panoramic radiographs and mark the dental implants, bone loss, lesions, treatments, jaw fractures and other “objects” of interest.

Check out our paper on 97% precise tooth detection in panoramic radiograph images.

We also worked on blood cell detection and count in microscopic images. Depending on the dataset, we can achieve even more than 95% accuracy in detecting white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets

Helping you to make sense of large collections of documents

We do text analysis. We use state of the art tools and methods for text classification and topic modeling

We are using modern Natural Language Processing tools and pipelines to semantically annotate and describe large collections of documents with big success, even better than humans could do.

Find out how we automatically tagged a collection of scientific papers with one or more of 28 categories, with more than 60% of accuracy when comparing to the test dataset.

Better sales and demand forecasts and what-if analyses

With your data, we can look into your future. We do the most accurate business forecasting and the most exhaustive time-series analyses

We are using the most advanced methods, including ARIMA, Prophet and LSTM Deep Learning networks to provide the most accurate forecasts for your sales and demand.

Check out how we can help the pharmacies to make significant improvement in short and long-term planning of their sales.

Learn how we used LSTM to accurately forecast energy demand in District Heating System and thus reduce fuel consumption for 10% with 200t less CO2 emissions annually.

Better understanding of your data

Data speak more than a thousands words! By looking into the trends, patterns, irregularities, we can transform data to actual knowledge.

We are using Python libraries to make big data meaningful.

Find out how we helped EURAXESS Jobs platform, managed by the European Commission to highlight data collection issues, discover trends and patterns, learn about the distribution of published job ads. Evidence-based policy making in a nutshell.

Who we are

We are scientists with PhD titles and academia background – mathematicians, mechanical and electrical engineers. Together, we published dozens of papers (cited by hundreds) in top scientific journals or the most competitive scientific conferences.

We have strong experience in working in multinational and multicultural environments with colleagues and partners all around the world. We led and participated in lots of successful projects funded by the large corporations, small companies, the state, European Commission and others.

One thing we have in common is passion for research and strongest commitment to scientific method – evidence-based results freed of bias, driven by high-end, state of the art approaches and tools in machine learning and deep learning.


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